Day 2 - Water Day

Saturday, April 13

TISCA General Meeting

The biggest part of the meeting was the adoption of several Constitutional & By-Law changes including naming the new 4A Athlete of the Meet Awards - Boys Swimming: Mike Waldman, Girls Swimming: Anna Alaniz, Diving: Penny DiPomazio.

We also elected our new executive board - President Daniel Jau & Vice-President Jenny Beagle. Secretary will remain with Amanda Chow, Treasurer Kris Jones, and Past-President Mark Jedow.

UIL Presentation - Ray Zepeda & AJ Martinez

Zepeda wants to continue to encourage dialog between TISCA & UIL. They are looking into the NFHS recommendation on reaction pads. Water polo is looking into 2-day tournaments.

If you need to reach out to one of the UIL athletic directors with a question or concern, click here for contact information.


Tradition Does Not Graduate - Darrin Millar

Keep your kids motivated by reliving the past. Use past accomplishments to promote future growth. 


DIVE: Basic Skills for Success to Advanced Techniques to Finish on Top - Robert Gunter


Presented by Myrtha Pools & WTIIs Your Pool Competition Ready? - John Ireland

Need help convincing your district to build its own facility? Need help upgrading a facility? Myrtha & WTI can help you put together the best plan and best pool for your school or district.

POLO: Tips and Tricks to Starting a Water Polo Program - Scott Slay

Using your position as an on-campus teacher to recruit kids

Presented by Russell MarkSWIM: Quick Solutions to all 4 Strokes - Russell Mark

Mark brought numerous videos with analysis and demonstration. Breaking each stroke into 3-4 key parts makes it easy to help your athletes improve each stroke. He didn't focus just on the elite college and pro swimmers but also high school athletes.

He was aware that it's hard to see underwater as a coach and many high schools don't have the ability. Instead he brought in key words for each of the key parts of the stroke.

DIVE: In-Water Technique - Charley Collins


SWIM: Technique First Approach to Training - Glenn Mills


Adversity to Excellence - Jessica Hardy Meichtry

POLO: In-Water Session

1. Ty Halford - Teaching water polo setup outside of the pool allows you to teach faster and get your kids your mental practice reps

2. Donzie - Understanding counter attack structures is the key to counter attack success

3. Use of Ryland passing drills to improve in water ball handling

4. A strong base position is the building block for all passing and shooting 

Investing Your Money Early - Collin Fabac

DIVE: College Readiness for Divers - Robert Gunter


SWIM: In-Water Technique - Russell Mark


POLO: Coaching Panel

How to understand the UIL