History of the TISCA Clinic

In 1979, TISCA began hosting an annual, statewide coaches clinic as a way of providing professional development for all aquatic coaches. Each year guest speakers were invited from across the country to share their wisdom and help promote and improve aquatic sports across Texas.

Year Location Speaker(s) President Director
2024 Sheraton Georgetown

Russell Mark

Darrin Millar

Jessica Hardy

Robert Gunter

Jedow Johnson
2022 DoubleTree (Austin)

Ryan Lochte

2021 DoubleTree (Austin Airport)   Waldman Perez
2020 Online due to COVID-19

Texas Coaches

Josh Davis

Cammille, Eddie, and Ashley Adams

Jeff Huber

Cierra Runge

Howard Perez
2019 DoubleTree (Austin)

Tim Bower

Todd Schmidt

Howard Perez